Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Wins Again!


The two day weekend is almost over. It went by so fast yet I felt that I have accomplished a lot. We had a small get together at home with some friends and family to watch the pacquiao vs. margarito fight. I totally forgot about it because I was out with my friend shopping for some ceiling fans for her new house then all of a sudden hubby called me asking if what I am planning to have for dinner. I suddenly bade my friend goodbye and off I went to the supermarket. The ceiling fan shopping can be continued next weekend. Huh, I never thought that shopping for Hansen wholesale ceiling fans would take so much of your time. I have learned what Hunter ceiling fans and Minka aire ceiling fans are. If you have no idea, find out who makes the best ceiling fans here!

I decided not to cook anymore. Instead of proceeding to the supermarket, I went to the Oriental restaurant and ordered some food for our dinner. I also suggested that we just go to hooters to see the fight but they wanted to be relaxed while watching Pacquiao beat Margarito so we stayed home. The eating only stopped when the fight started but after Manny won everybody ate again. We all got hungry cheering for Manny.

Congratulations Manny for a job well done!

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