Monday, November 22, 2010

Needs Regular Updating


I got a phone call from my former classmate in high school asking me if I have looked at my schedule for next year so that I could attend our batch reunion. I have no idea what she was talking about, then she goes, “I sent you a message on your facebook!” Sorry, if you know me I still have facebook messages from October that are still unopened. I know I am bad when it comes to answering my messages but if you posted some pictures, I would surely browse them right away. Like the auto show in San Francisco which my friend uploaded recently, I just
saw his pictures driving the Chevy Corvette. I don’t think I can afford those cars so with the Mercedes Cl-Class but the Infinity M37 is within my budget and can be my second to the last car before retirement. A lot of the classic wiki cars are on the show too.

I will not promise but I try my best to check and update my facebook account regularly. Once I get my phone upgrade, I will be on the roll.

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