Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shopping Galore


There are two holidays that we always look forward for big discount shopping. One is the Memorial day weekend sale and the other one is the Labor Day weekend sale. So during the last Memorial Day weekend which was a three day weekend, we started our shopping Saturday. First on my list was some nursing scrubs that my friend wanted me to buy for her. She just sent me a link as a sample of what she wanted. This is what she ordered: . I was not able to find the exact style but one that is very similar to what she emailed me.

Of course, a Memorial Day weekend cannot pass without a picnic. It happened that Sunday. The malls are closed here in our town on Sundays so we headed to the lake for a get-together picnic. The lake is situated at the foot of a mountain where you can go swim, fishing and boating. It was refreshing day; being on a very quiet area away from the city. The kids had a grand time too.

Here is a picture of the lake we went to.


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