Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Thought I Lost It


My daughter came to work with me today. Since it is summer break for school kids, I drop her off to the baby sitter before going to work. She stays there until her father picks her up around 3 pm. Today, I gave her a break by bringing her to my job. She can actually come here every day but when she runs out of activities to do, she gets bored. After we left home, our first stop this morning was at McDonalds to buy two fruit oatmeal for our breakfast. I tell you, this is my family’s favorite food from MD. As I was paying, I cannot find my debit card inside my wallet. All of a sudden I felt uneasy because it has been three or four days since the last time I used it. As I do my recap, I remember I bought some valances for windows and it was hubby who lined up at the register. I cannot recall if he handed it back to me or not. The more I got uneasy because when I called hubby, the debit card was not inside his wallet too. Hayyy, I have to wait until 4pm when he gets home and search for it. After almost the whole day of being uneasy, finally he called. He found it still in his shorts pocket inside the hamper bag next to the washing machine. Had it been another day longer, I would be needing a replacement card by now. I'm thankful it was just misplaced not totally lost.


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