Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scorching Spring


Summer is still two weeks away but we are starting to feel the scorching heat. Today is the first day to reach the 100 degree temperature. When I stepped out to buy lunch today, my temperature registered at 105!! Because I parked my car directly under the heat of the sun, I can hardly hold my steering wheel due to heat.

For my lunch, I went to a Spanish restaurant near my job. I was only 10 minutes inside the restaurant and when I went back to my car, I found Herbalife flyer stuck under my windshield. As soon as I got the paper, I looked if the harbealife distributor who put the flyer on my windshield was still around but there was no one. I just want to know if they have a distributor close to where I work. I have known herbalife since I was still in the Philippines but we lost contact our agent and my mom has been asking me if I can get some for her and send them back home. Maybe I could just go to herbalife online and get more information.

The forecast for tomorrow is going to be hotter than today. This time I have to make sure I bring my lunch to work. I am not stepping out of the office by lunch break anymore. It is so hot out there.


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