Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For The Home


As I was saying on my last post about our house hunting, my friend fell in love with one house we went to. This is a house located in our area. It has a huge kitchen with an island and a breakfast nook. Right above the island is an enclume pot rack with only few pots hanging. It is a feature in the kitchen that made it more appealing but my friend plans to get the bigger enclume pot racks if he buys this house. There are 5’ enclume potracks in chrome that are suitable for large kitchens. These racks can hold large pans and cooking utensils making them accessible when you are cooking.

My friend is very excited about the developments on his house hunting. He has been in contact with the realtor almost everyday. I am not sure if they already submitted an offer but for sure they will do it before the week is over. I cannot wait for the day the we become neighbors again.


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