Monday, June 6, 2011

Business Advertising


It is Monday, the first day of the work week again. I came a little late today. I overslept quite a bit because we had visitors at home last night until very late. When I got here at work this morning, my office manager was so happy to see me. To myself, I said, "Why?" to find out after I clocked in that I was the only one who showed up to work at my department. Also, two other people are out plus the big boss is in the city to attend an invitation from our advertising agency. This is the year that my job is going full blast with our online campaign and this advertising agency is doing a great job so far. When I started at this company more than ten years ago, our campaign was purely through print, then we tried local TV and now we are going global through the internet. Our website hits have been increasing since then which makes my boss strive hard until he gets his target.

For this summer, since this will be the time to do cookouts, the company is planning to do a cookout at our parking lot on the Friday before the 4th of July weekend. This is intended for all our customers and vendors that come at our branch and also to display our new units. A lot of our vendors gave their intention to bring their merchandise for our customers to check. Classes will be held simultaneously at our seminar room inside the building with speakers from different manufacturers. This is our summer version of the winter trade show. We hope for its success and the start of many years of summer cookouts in the future.


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