Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Servers Gone


I have been working from desk to desk today because our office looks like under renovation. Probably, that could be the better term to use. First, there were some IT people who came and transferred our servers to a different location. I heard that the owner decided to get a colocation plan for our servers for security and reliable back up of our data. At first, the owner was offered a managed hosting service but since we already have our own servers, he decided to just go for a colocation. It makes sense also because the secretary who has been sitting next to the servers has been complaining about the temperature brought by the machines every day. I am sure this transfer would create more room at this main branch.

Our IT person got worried when they decided for a colocation thinking that she might lose her job. But my boss reassured her that she will still be the IT and the only person be in close contact with the web hosting company that manages our website. She rarely comes to the office because she works at home but today she was here at the job to personally talk to the big boss. So far everybody is happy with all the changes


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