Sunday, January 4, 2009

Call For Free


I have not a new year’s resolution for a very long time but this year I decided to have one again. I do not know if you classify this as a new year’s resolution because what I want to accomplish is to be an expense conscious homemaker This is to cut down our expenditures, make well budgeting to eliminate unnecessary expenses and be able to save some money. The first expense to be cut is our cell phone bill. We have a family plan which is expiring this month so I thought of not renewing the contract but instead get a prepaid cell phone for both of us. We only use our cell phones for important calls and we have accumulated hundreds of unused minutes each month for non usage. If we really have to make longer calls, I can do it through my computer at home and make free phone calls to any land line or mobile phones anywhere in the U.S. through These free phone calls are supported by advertisers but your calls are not interrupted by advertisements. Before a call is placed, you will see a brief 15 second or less advertisements and that is it. You get to call you friends and family anywhere in the U.S. How easy, right? Why spend money on phone calls when you can get it for free at

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Umma Monday, January 05, 2009

Hi Alf.. I missed to grab this one opps.. hahaha.. I would love to write this entry too.

But was so occupied the whole weekend bec of my baby's 1st birthday celebration.

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