Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Promises Can Help


I am now feeling symptoms of sore throat and possibly coughing. I could feel the itch in my throat but instead of taking any medicine I rely on my home remedy which is hot tea with lemon and honey. As much as possible I would like to cure or prevent simple illness without taking any medication. I am scared of its side effects and addiction due to constant taking of some form of medicine. I have read about vicodin addiction or addiction to certain drugs which contain hydrocodone and acetaminophen. These drugs should only be used strictly following the doctor’s prescription but once you get addicted or gets an overdose, it becomes harmful to your mind and body. If you know anybody who is addicted to vicodin, talk to them to enter a treatment center or rehab. Promises treatment centers in Malibu and West Angeles can be a place they can call home temporarily while they are being treated from addiction. They have various treatment plans for each patient under the care of licensed and credentialed professionals. If you want to see a slide show of their magnificent and beautiful locations, you can visit and see what they can offer to their patients. Please let Promises help you and your family end the suffering and come out with a brand new and clean life forever.

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