Monday, January 12, 2009

Got a New Digicam


I have posted about my broken digital camera on my other blog and hoping that santa will give me a replacement. I was indeed very happy when I opened my christmas present. It was from my friend T and she really surprised me. She does not know about my blog but one time we were at the high school to attend her daughter's singing competition and i told her to just email me photos from the show. Wise Guy.
Thank you so much T. This one is lighter than my old one so my purse is not that heavy anymore. I always have it with me for the precious sony moments anytime. Happy happy joy joy...

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DA6 Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oh wow, good u have a new camera.mine was broke little bit but still working though lol..

nyway, friend ur in my blogroll pls. add my link to your blogroll. THanks a lot! I change my link and hope u change my bloglink to ur bl
let me know when ur done..pls.comment so I know..

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