Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Action All Star



My daughter is just starting to play computer games online. I do not allow her to play online unless it is guided by parents like Both athlete who is your child and the parent can sign up for the game. You are able to see and monitor the kind of game your child is playing which makes it not only fun for both but safe to kids like my daughter.
It is easy to join The best thing of it is that it is free to sign up. Why I said this is a safe place to play online for kids because your child cannot start playing on her own. An email is sent first to the parent to complete the activation process preventing the child to sign up without the parent's knowledge. Here is her avatar:

I and my daughter started playing right away on the baseball field. We are amateur players that we cannot seem to collect any token. We will keep on trying until we master this game because baseball is one of our favorite sports. I could recommend this to my friend’s son who loves NBA. Guess what, before logging off, we did not forget to stop by the MLB store right at the stadium. is one of the current partner so with and

Here is our photo playing baseball. We had fun!


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