Friday, January 30, 2009

Amy Poehler in Smart Girls at the Party


I always enjoy watching Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live. She is very good in imitating Hilary Clinton during her presidential campaign. Because of being good comedian, she was nominated as an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy series at the Emmy Awards.

If you saw the widget, you will see Amy Poehler in a show entitled Smart Girls at the Party interviewing the cute Kenaudra, a reluctant babysitter who can do praise dancing, playing steel drums and a scholar. This is a more serious show compared to her SNL where she gets to interview extraordinary individuals. Feel free to get your own widget here and embed it on your blogs or Website.

Did you like the show? Is it like as if you are watching TV at home? Did you see the Barbie dream house featured at the end of the show? My daughter is now asking me to buy one for her. The widget is brought to you by Cosmo TV, a new way of bringing television shows to any Website. Through the widget, you can see everything that we see on TV on the web now. You are able to reach millions of consumers online by syndicating your video on their Website. The manner in which people watch TV now has been changed from the typical black box at home to video sharing sites and watching widgets on the Website. In today’s technology, people wants to watch TV programs anywhere they want thus creating a different audience for advertisers. Cosmo TV can help you capture these audiences through video widgets that can be embed to any Website.


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