Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Your Life Saving Stem Cells


I started to have my period when I was 13 but I never thought that my menstrual blood contains life saving stem cells not until I read some C'Elle Testimonials from women who have subscribed to C’elle technology. When you sign up to C’elle’s exclusive and revolutionary service, you get the chance to collect and preserve the stem cells that can be found in a woman’s menstrual blood every month that she has her period. You will get through FedEx delivery a collection kit which includes a menstrual cup, collection tubes, prepaid FedEx airbill for return shipment to C’elle and the instructions on how to use the kit. You do not have to be in a hospital to do this. Everything is done at home and the instructions are easy to follow. Once you are done with the collection, the stem cell collected is shipped back to Cryo-Cell where it will be “frozen in time” or cryo-preserved at C’elle’s state of the art laboratory. These stem cells can be used for future treatment of various diseases like heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's and a lot of life threatening diseases . Studies are being made for stem cells as possible anti-aging treatment and wound healing. I am encouraging you to Order C'elle Now to avail of their special price of $499 annual plan with a retail savings of $200. Besides your order, you will also get limited-edition rhinestone engraved C’elle satchel up to January 21, 2009. If you want to hear Barbara’s testimonial about her experience with C’elle and its benefits, click here.


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