Monday, July 13, 2009

Bring To Life With Charter



I was cleaning my computer table over the weekend and I found phone cards, some are even unused but pass the expiration date. I already forget that I have bought those phone cards since I have not been using them anymore. This is the effect of embracing digital technology into our lives. I used to call my family back in the Philippines by using a phone card but this stopped when we subscribed to Charter Communications. Charter Communications is one of the leading providers of high speed internet, digital cable and phone services.

Since we have Charter, I keep in touch with my family using the internet. Almost every day we exchange video and instant messaging using Charter’s high speed internet service. Another worth noticing too is that we have not been to a movie theater for how many months now. Our movie nights are brought to life with Charter movies on demand. It is more fun and relaxing to watch your favorite movies at home with your family and kids without having to fight for parking.

As a way of thanking its valuable and loyal customers, Charter is once again sponsoring a contest by simply submitting your story on how you bring your home to life. For this contest, Charter is giving away each week either a 15” laptop and at the end of the promotion which is on July 31st, one lucky customer will win a package of one 52” HDTV, a laptop and free one year of Charter Bundle including Digital Cable with HD and DVR, Charter high-speed internet and Charter phone services. This is not the first time that Charter is giving away big prizes to customers to its online contests. Last year, they also gave away laptops, Xbox 360 game systems and one 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.
It is just getting better and better each year. To keep yourself updated always, follow
Charter on Facebook. Hurry and submit your stories at and win any of these fabulous prizes.



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