Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pet Airways – The first Airline for Pets


Yes, you read it right. Pet Airways is the first commercial airline for pets only. The owners are husband and wife Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel who had a stressful experience when they flew in a cargo hold their Jack Russel terrier named Zoe. That experience convinced them to have an airline so that pet owners will have an option when they transport their pets from one city to another. So yesterday was the first flight for Pet Airways that took off from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. Initially, Pet Airways will be flying between five major cities – New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. They are already booked for the next two months. One-way fare starts from $149, not too far what passenger airlines charge which is from $100 to $275 depending on the carrier. When flying with Pet Airways, your pets won’t be at the cargo section but in the main cabin of a Suburban Air freight plane, which was retooled and lined with carriers in place of seats. There will be about 50 pets in each flight and they will be escorted to the plane by attendants that will check them every 15 minutes during the flight. Your pets are also given pre-boarding walks and bathroom breaks. And, on every airport they are flying, pet airways created a “pet lounge” for future fliers to wait and sniff before flights. Pet Airways will be adding more flights and cities very soon.

I am one very curious mom about this new pet airline. Something new and unique.

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