Wednesday, July 15, 2009

InTheRooms and Facebook



People who are dealing with a certain type of addiction are sometimes at a lost. To open is difficult; sometimes people are in denial of their addiction. But, with InTheRooms , a global recovery community, everybody is welcome to reach out to people worldwide 24/7, to share their problems, thoughts, experiences, feelings, hopes and willingness to recover. The option is all yours; your privacy is one of their main concerns. You can pick where you think you need to join, either as someone who is seeking help, or one who is in recovery or you are a friend or family member of someone seeking recovery. InTheRooms will do their best to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and Heal (HITCH) those who are experiencing any type of addiction.

There is a new feature that has been added to InTheRooms recently. If you have Facebook, you can now add the
InTheRooms Facebook App in your Facebook profile and start inviting your friends in recovery to the community. You can also add a box in your profile that will show how much time you have in recovery. If you want to protect your anonymity, you have the option of not publicly displaying a box on your Facebook profile.

Joining InTheRooms is free. You can easily sign-up anytime at Join and get healed.


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Grampy Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you for the information.

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