Thursday, July 2, 2009

In The Rooms


Itr_bigger Let us call my co-worker as T. He smokes almost two packs of cigarette a day. During the eight hours that he is at work, he can consume more than a pack of cigarettes. To me, this is already an addiction to smoking but you never hear him admitting to addiction. This is a bad habit and something must be done.

Some people who are experiencing an addiction want to seek help in the open but others are embarrassed to admit it, like my co-worker T. This is where
InTheRooms Meetings become beneficial to them. InTheRooms is a database of anonymous recovery programs or sites on the web. It is based on a wiki platform where members or users can add or make changes to make the meeting database online more accurate. Right now, intherooms database has the current meetings for Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with members across the U.S. and worldwide. More meetings will be added by intherooms soon.

By being a member of intherooms, you are able to be in a group that is eager to help one another. It is a place where you can share your experiences, upload photos and videos, chat online, write blogs and journals, create forums and communicate with people in the program. Depending on what level of help you are interested in, everybody is welcome to join. For more information about this global recovery community, visit their website at


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Anonymous Friday, October 21, 2011

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