Monday, July 6, 2009

Dog Shampoo


One of our salesperson is having her hip replacement next weekend. She will be out from work for six months but after her therapy she can do some work at home jobs. This has been our project for the past days, setting up her computer at home, making sure that our software is properly installed at her home computer so that she can do her work without reporting to the office. When I was assigned to go with the group to her house, at first I was hesitant because I know that this person has a dog that sheds a lot. I am not allergic to dog hair but they trigger my sneezing that sometimes I get embarrassed when my nose turns red because of too much sneezing. When we arrived at her house yesterday, her dog was right at the living room and the whole house smells clean and fresh. As we were introduced to her dog, she started telling that her dog does not stink anymore since she started using the dog shampoo from dinovite called dogosuds. Dogosuds makes your dog smells so clean that lasts that contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils that have natural healing properties. It is also a natural flea deterrent with no chemicals, perfumes or fillers that can irritate or dry a dog’s skin. Dogosuds also removes your dog’s skunk odor.

We finished our work without any sneezing from me. Dogosuds did a good job not only to the dog but also to the whole house. So if you think your dog has the same problem, try using dogosuds by
Dinovite and have a nice smelling dog inside your house.


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daisyfields Friday, July 10, 2009

I like the dog o suds lavender the best! I love lavender candles, lavender glade plug ins and now lavender dogosuds for my dog! It all just goes nicely together :)

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