Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Shampoo


Our next door neighbor is going on a vacation this coming week. We are going to babysit and walk their dog everyday while they are away. They have been our neighbors for seven years and the first one to welcome us on the first day we moved into this area. They love our daughter and sometimes Isabella would spend an afternoon with them at their backyard playing with Smooth, the dog. You know why she is called Smooth? It is because of her hair, so smooth and shiny. Our neighbor told us that Smooth used to smell so stinky, scratching and shedding her air like crazy. They have brought her to the vet but still she cannot stop scratching. Then, a fellow dog owner who goes to the same vet suggested to them to try using dogosuds from Dinovite. Actually, this person gave them a sample of the lavender dogosuds dog shampoo to try. My neighbor said that dogosuds lathers beautifully but rinses easily leaving the dog smelling so good. After using it, Smooth’s stinky smell was gone and the smell lasted for a long time. Her hair got shiny, making them change her name to Smooth.

Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? Dogosuds is a
dog shampoo that you can buy from It cleans and leaves a wonderful smell on your dog and it is also a natural flea deterrent. It contains no chemicals or perfumes that can irritate your dog’s skin. They are available in four blends: essential oil blend, lavender, peppermint/tea tree and the unscented one. So if you have problems with your dog smell, try using dogosuds shampoo on her to give your pet that new dog smell.


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