Monday, June 8, 2009

Looking For The Best Web Host?


I got an email from the host company for one of my websites reminding me that it is expiring this coming June 11th. I could not believe that it has been a year now. I still undecided if I want to renew my contract for another year. I had few problems with them when I started, although minimal but it just took too much of my time calling their technical support group.

I went to comparing the different web hosting companies available. Web Hosting Geeks give you a comparison of what services each web host company can offer to their customers. They show comparison according to space, monthly fee, technical support, how many free domains and a lot more. There are hundreds of web hosts but web hosting geeks did the homework for you, saving you time looking for the best available one. Are you familiar with eco-friendly web hosts? Well, they are web hosting companies that use alternative energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs to power their datacenters. There are seven top
green web hosting companies available for your needs. Also, take time to read the reviews written by customers as they are all based on their experiences and personal reviews. So before signing for a web hosts, visit as a helpful guide to your decision. This is what I am doing right now before I decide to renew my contract with my current web host.

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All-i-Know Monday, June 08, 2009

i'm looking for new hosting for my site i think i will get Best web hosting soon

surfer4 Monday, June 08, 2009

That was a great article. I agree its important to do the research before deciding upon a Web Host. I have had great success with They have a 99.9% uptime and great customization options for $4 a month. Theyre also very user-friendly with 24 hour support. I hope this helps. Thanks again!

NetFood Friday, August 07, 2009

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