Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Men Pen



Would be shock if you see a man having a concealer stick in his brief case or his closet? If you think that only women have their own beauty products, so does men. Heard about the Men Pen? It is a concealer for men.

mens makeup called the men pen is a beauty product made specifically to hide blemishes, scars, moles, pimples or any dark spots on a man’s face. It is available in different colors that match your skin tone. Sometimes there are days that you think that your face is not ready to face the public because of some spots that you want to conceal, well., this is a perfect solution to your problem. This a quick fix that you need during a pictorial, an event or special occasion to make you look better and boost your confidence.

To apply the men’s stick is only by dabbing the stick directly on the spot that you wish to smoothen or conceal. When you buy the men pen, it comes with a foam wedge that you can use to even out the application or otherwise use your finger or tissue paper. The men pen is available at theme or you can call them at 1800-748-5417.

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