Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sink Leaks


I took a day off today because we have a scheduled repair in our unit. The bathroom sink is leaking probably from one pipe joint. I have no idea about repairs and I am lucky that anything breaks or needs repair in our unit, the management will take care of it. It is part of the payment every month. I remember when I was still living in San Diego California, I always have problems with my apartment that I have been a regular customer of Shaffer Mechanical Plumbing. When I signed my contract with my landlord, he told me that anything that breaks in the house, I will be the one to have it fixed and he will just reimburse me for whatever expenses I incur. It is better to have a trusted San Diego Plumber that you can call anytime. They are very reliable and most jobs are finished in one day. So, if you are living within the San Diego area and needs some plumbing work done, just call 619-618-2402 for immediate help. They can do all kinds of plumbing work, from the simple ones to the most complicated jobs fast at very reasonable rates. If you want an estimate of the job first, they do it for you for free. Always have their phone number handy so that you can all them right away when needed.

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