Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blu Frog The Energy Drink


On Sunday, Father's Day, is the first day of summer. For someone like me who lives in the East Coast, summer is like the most awaited season. It is fun time. Time to get sweat, to get physical, to go swimming, play tennis and get tanned. When I was still living in the Philippines, I hate the sun but here I love the warm weather. Umbrellas are only for the rain, never for the sunny weather.

When it’s hot, we need a lot of energy to do all the outdoor activities. We need a lot of Blu Frig energy. BluFrog is a new energy drink in the market today made of healthier ingredients, real fruit, low calories and carbs. It is the most nutritious energy drink containing vitamins with no artificial ingredients.

What to join something cool from Blu Frog? You can win any of the five fabulous blu prizes:
1. Blugamer Ultimate Gaming Package
2. Celebrate the New Year In New York City
3. Attend a Music Festival called Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 7-9, 2009
4. Blu Streak in Orlando, Florida
5. Go to Winter X Games 14 in Aspen, CO

It is so easy to join this contest. You have three ways to win. Each person can enter up to three times using any of the following ways. First, go to and leave a comment about the prize you wan to win and why. Second, use twitter to tell you friends about the contest and subscribe to #bluworld and Third, if you have a blog, you can write about the contest and the prize you want to win and why then leave a comment of with your url. I am joining this contest too hoping I could win the trip to New York to celebrate the New Year. How about you? Come on, join now before the July 17, 2009 deadline. A big cheers to Blu Frog!


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