Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Britney Impersonator Spends $220,000 to Look Like Her


Her name is Lorna Bliss who lives in England. Her full time job is to be a Britney look alike (seriously!). She is called as the UK’s Number 1 Britney Impersonator, who already spends around $220,000 for the past ten years on sexy costumes, fishnets, outfits, hair, waxing, eyebrows done, make-ups, hair extensions, choreographers ,etc. etc. just to be like Britney. She devotes her life to Britney Spears, to even shaving her head when Britney was in the meltdown mode. Lorna Bliss wants to look, feel, eat, and sleep like Britney. This is her job earning at least $75,000 annually. She travels around the world with people chasing for her autograph and sometimes with treatment like Britney. How’s her love life? Well, she has a love life with a Johnny Depp lookalike boyfriend named Danny Lopez, whom she met on a TV show. Has she ever met Britney in person? Not yet!
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