Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planet Togs


Do you like fashionable clothes made by high-end designers? Even if you do not have to be in every fashion week of every country, you can still own one of the designer clothes made by top fashion designers worldwide. All you have to do is shop online at planet togs where you can find the hottest new labels worn by fashion models on the runway.

PlanetTogs is an online boutique carrying high-end designer clothes from different fashion capital of the world. Their main objective is to bring exclusively to the U.S. market designers that have not been discovered internationally. These designers are the best of the best in their countries showing off their original designs using their own authentic fabrics and materials. They want to bring to the U.S. the latest fashion from countries like Milan, Singapore, Australia, Serbia, United Arab emirates (UAE), Brazil and a lot more. Like this yellow tube dress I chose as a perfect outfit to be worn on a summer wedding of a friend. This is made by an Australian designer under the label Pizzuto. This is purely Australian made; the prints, hand-painted silks and fabrics are all made in Australia. To guarantee its authenticity, you have to look for a special heart-shaped tag on her garments. Isn't this dress so pretty? You can check them out at and avail of their ongoing sale plus free shipping on qualified orders.


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