Monday, February 16, 2009

Make Backups Always


Do you know that I do not have pictures of me being pregnant? Did I ever get pregnant? Of course, I did. I have a five year old daughter.

I had my first digital camera before my daughter was born. I remember it was a two megapixel and was already great at that time. I was so fascinated with the convenience of this new technology so when I got pregnant I never used any film camera to take any pictures. I do not know anything about
Online Backups and I even bought an external hard drive to transfer some of my files there to get more space in my computer hard drive. Everything was doing fine until one day my personal computer just stopped working. It does not power on, nothing. I asked my co-worker’s husband to take a look at it and he told me that the hard drive crashed and needs to be replaced. I detached the external hard drive, let him bring the computer to his house to get fixed and gave him money to buy a new hard drive. I was confident anyway all my files are copied to the external HD. My computer came back working again but when I attached the external hard drive, it was empty. All my files, pictures and music were gone!

I have learned my lesson. Right now, I always make backups. I may never get pregnant again. I lost all my pregnant pictures but I have my beautiful daughter to say it all.


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