Friday, February 27, 2009

Tips for Website Builders


Webdesignad I first came to know blogging by clicking a link on a website. I do not remember where it was but it brought me to a site of one Filipina. She has beautiful posts every day until I included her in my favorites so with other bloggers found on her site. I was just an anonymous reader until I decided that I make my own using one of the free blogging services. I did make one but nobody visited my site so I was not motivated at all to improve it. I was hesitant to ask. To me, it seems that they belong to a family but I am not. This is four years ago but now I have three blogs; two with my own domain.

Please do not follow what I did because you will be wasting your time. If you are a newbie, read
web design for idiots main page website tutorials. This talented young lady who owns the website has a lot of posts About Web Design for Idiots like me which are so helpful. When you want to learn from scratch, you should be reading her tutorials. Since I found her website, I immediately bookmarked her page. I just read about her post on putting a lot of cool gadgets on your website and I know I am guilty of this. Also, I better understand the importance of back links and no follow tags. There is a lot to learn. Visit her at


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