Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Monitor


We bought a new monitor yesterday at best buy. Actually, this was not planned but our monitor needs to be replaced. Although it was a flat screen monitor but almost six years old and a 15 inch. We wanted a widescreen. When we went to best buy, our intention was to buy an hdmi cable for our TV. Whew, expensive pala! Our TV also uses an hdmi but hubby was not sure if it was a 60 hrz or 120 hrz. Since he got this Bravia, he just wants the best; get the most out of it. So even if we were unsure, we bought the hdmi cable. When we got home, it made no difference on the TV which to me is the most clear and the finest already but it's his new toy so be it. After two hours, we are back in best buy to return the hdmi cable so i told him why don't we just exchange it for a new monitor. Readily, he said yes. So we got this Gateway 19 inch widescreen flat panel lcd monitor with crisp crystal clear picture. We got it for $139.99 which is a steal and only $10 more than the hdmi cable. I told hubbby I am happy he did not need that cable because we got this new monitor instead.

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Dorothy L Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello...I too received a new wide screen for my desktop....It is 24" and I love it. It is like a whole new world in front of me...I can actually read now :)
Have a very nice day!


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