Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To All Red Heads


My co-worker has a beautiful red hair and we call her red hair Stef. When I started working at my job, I thought she goes to the salon to have her hair dyed but it’s her natural hair color. I love it. She likes it when we call her red hair lady.

Last Saturday, we were both working and she showed all the pictures she posted on her facebook. It was my first time to be talking to her on a casual basis and she is cool. She has a group of friends online who are all red heads whom she communicates everyday through a social network called Her group is getting bigger and bigger everyday and they are not only
redheads but open to people who love red heads. If there was just enough time last Saturday, I could have signed up too but we have to go home early because it was Valentine’s day.

So to all red heads out there, meet your fellow red heads at I am sure you would like to be in a group where you have something in common. To join this fun group would not cost you anything. Go sign up now.


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