Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Grilled Salmon


We do our food shopping once every two weeks but for meat, chicken, fish and vegetables we buy them every week to keep them fresh by not storing them too long in the freezer. We love seafood and we always buy shrimps and salmon every time we go to the oriental store. We like buying our salmon there because it’s fresh and they cut the fish in front of you and you just tell them what part you want to buy.

Our favorite dish is the ever tasteful and delicious grilled salmon. We always cook it on the day we buy it. I just season it with salt, pepper and lemon and grill it. That’s it. Simple but delicious. If weather not permitting, we have an oven top grill pan or I brushed it with a little brown sugar and light soy sauce and bake it. How about you? How do you cook your salmon? Care to share your recipe. I think a salmon recipe is a very appropriate dish to be included in the 2008 Great American
Cook Off at the New Orleans Convention Center in Louisiana this coming August 2-3. This recipe can be interpreted in various ways with the best imaginations of our local chefs using our very own and locally grown seafood.

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