Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Fit Financially


I just finished doing my bills IQ test and I am very satisfied with my score. I got 94% A with the following breakdown:
Credit 100%
Debt 93%
Budget 91%
Wealth 96%
Life Plan 92%
Now, what does this mean? With regards to my credit, I am very good because I always pay off my credit card balances every month. I don’t want them to accrue interest because sometimes interest gets higher than your credit. Big balances on your credit card can hurt your credit score. If you are paying a lot of credit cards monthly, try seeking some
Debt help such as Debt consolidation to ease you with your monthly payments . I scored a little low on debt because I was not sure what are the interest rates of my credit cards. I have to be aware of this because if you have high interest you are wasting money by paying the interest alone. I also don’t have a budget written down which is very important. You have to sit down and make a record of everything you spent. If you have a good budget you know how much your spending capability and at the same time you can also do a life plan for your family. Nothing beats to be prepared all the time.

I had fun doing this test. It made me realize the importance of knowing your spending habits, your debts and payments. It helps you plan for the future and if you are not doing great with your credit, ask for
Debt relief before it's too late. Give importance to the recommendations it gives to repair your credit. If you haven’t done the Bills IQ test yet, do it right now. No pain, it’s all gain.

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> Vanny < Monday, July 28, 2008

hi alf!

i just got back from exhausting office work..

tahnks for droppin in my blog. =)

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