Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Preserve your Stem Cell through C'elle


I have a friend who is an advocate of stem cell research. I am sure that she will be happy if I will surprise her with C’elle Collection Kit. What is C’elle and the collection kit? is the company that will provide the service of preserving vital stem cells that can be harvested from the body’s menstrual fluid during a menstrual cycle. Through C’elle’s service, you have the opportunity to build your own healthcare and wellness investment portfolio composed of your menstrual stem cells. Your stem cells are being “frozen” for indefinite period of time for future medical use. Now, what is this collection kit or media kit? It contains everything that you need in collecting your menstrual stem cells including a menstrual cup, collection tubes, prepaid Fedex airbill for return shipment to Cyro-Cell and instruction manual on how to use it. Your mentrsual stem cell is sent to C’elle for processing and preservation. If you are interested, this is available in several plans from annual, semi-annual and quarterly plans. You can also buy a gift certificate if you have the intention of giving it to someone. Avail of their introductory price right now with savings of up to $300. Call or visit their website and a customer service representative is always ready to help you.

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