Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cabin Cuddler



Have any of you heard about the cabin cuddler? I saw one when I went to pick up my friend from the airport last night. A Cabin Cuddler is a 6-in-1 travel blanket and pillow. This is very usable especially when you are travelling for long hours in a plane, train or even at airports or stations when you get delayed or stranded. This is the best travel companion you can possibly have even if you are travelling alone. How does this work? Well, this cute little bag can be your inflatable pillow, a blanket that can cover your entire body, a pocket that will keep your toes warm and a pillow case. You don’t need those airline blankets that has been re-used several times by passengers anymore. Also, I could use this at the office. Do you know that I bring a sweater even if it’s summer time at work. It is freezing!!! How can I complain, I work in an airconditioning company. I need one of this too.

I am so excited with this one. I really love this. Come on, get one for yourself. Check this out! On their website, it says that if you buy 2 or more you will receive free shipping. That’s a good deal and you can choose between black and cranberry colors. Hurry, get one for yourself and for the whole family.

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