Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting Ready For The Storm


I was doing some research on home security cordova when I saw the breaking news on my Direct TV. Our governor has declared as official state of emergency as we prepare for the coming of the big storm. People that are living along the Jersey shore are asked to leave voluntarily and stay away from the water. We also got a phone call here at my job from the local police that they will start evacuating families that live close to the river. There is an area here where it gets flooded when the river crests after a big storm.

I am very sure supermarkets will be packed starting today until before the storm arrives. I already have a list of what we need. We have enough food in our refrigerator but I will stock up on water and batteries. I already asked my husband to fill up his van. I will do mine on my way home tonight.

It is still a wait and see situation. If Irene will change path, we will just get rain. We continue to pray that people will be safe in their homes or wherever they are. Be safe everyone.

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