Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flooding in NC


Have you seen the flood that hit North Carolina? I was watching the news and i saw houses and cars underwater. I even saw a hotel roof gave way because of a flash flood. The drainage pipe that runs through the roof burst flooding the hotel with water. This was a big inconvenience to people who are staying at the hotel and on vacation. As i was watching all these on TV, I called my friend who lives in North Carolina to check how her family is doing. At first, she did not pick up the phone but after few minutes she called me back. She was teary eyed in telling me about what happened in NC. They are not in the flood area but she knows people that got effected. I forgot to ask her if she was able to get a storm damage insurance for her house. I know she mentioned to me the last time we spoke that she was at getting information about water damage austin.

How far is North Carolina from Florida? I want to stop by my friend's house on our way back to NJ. I have not seen her in a while. This will be the best time to have a mini reunion if we get the chance.


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