Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Weekend


We pretty much spent our weekend in a park in NYC. My husband had a tennis tournament which started Saturday and was supposed to end yesterday but because of the rain, the games were ended around 4pm. This tournament is held every year for single and double matches. The number of entries this year tripled than the previous years. It needs some crowd control especially during the first two hours after the games started last Saturday. There was a temporary velvet rope within the registration area and barricades were installed during lunch time. Lunch was free and nobody was checking if you joined or not so everybody was invited to eat. Food was abundant so I guess they expected the big crowd.

My husband lost in the semis for the single match. The double match was still ongoing when the rain started to pour yesterday. The game is being rescheduled either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday weather permitting. I am wishing hubby and his teammate good luck for tomorrow or the next game. Hope they will make it to the championship round.


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