Thursday, August 4, 2011

All Our Bags Are Packed But...


I was doing my packing when I remember that the airlines now charge you for a fee for every checked in baggage. The last time I was on the plane was when we went to the Philippines and I do not remember being charged for checked in baggage. The controversies about these fees make airline passengers check how their chosen airline charge before heading to the airport. There are already two bags sitting in our living room with custom labels with name, address and telephone number made by hubby but if the airline will charge us more than $50 for two, we will just bring one. I can use one of the custom label for the daughter’s backpack.

One thing I have to check also is the size of hand carry item allowed and how many. There is also an online check in (with a fee of course!) that I have to get familiar with. If I can do everything online, it would be great. With three kids with us during this trip, I want to go directly to the waiting area, sit down and wait for the flight to be called.


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