Friday, August 19, 2011

She Will Be Wearing School Uniform


In two weeks, school is going to open. My daughter’s first day of school is on Sept 2nd which is a Friday for only half of a day! I do not know why they decided to start the school on a Friday, the day before Labor Day weekend and for only four hours. If you are away that time, most likely you will not cut your vacation or I will not be surprised if not a lot of kids will show up that day. In the past, they always start school after Labor Day but this year turns out to be different.

Another thing that is new for this school year is they will start wearing uniforms. High School and Middle school have started wearing uniforms two years ago and they decided to include the elementary this year. I have no complaints about it. Actually, I like the idea that kids wear uniform to school. The top will be anything maroon and the bottom is khaki pants, skirt, skorts, or shorts. For the footwear, no specifications were given but of course no flip flops or slippers to school! With regards to my daughter, she does not really care (for now) whether she wears uniform or not but she requests for skirts not shorts or pants.


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