Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Know Who You Are


At work, we are no longer allowed to answer our cell phones. Some people have abused the cell phone policy so now it is totally ban from the office. The constant ringing distracts people from working so my boss modified the policy again. I do not normally use my cell phone at work although I leave it on the whole day. If somebody has called me or has left me a voicemail, I will make a return the call using our office phone. Lately, I have been getting missed calls from unknown numbers which are not on my phone book. I do not mind that as long as he or she leaves me a voicemail so that I know who you are. Thanks for caller id; I was able to track a long lost friend from high school. She said she is not used to leaving a voicemail so she just hangs up when I did not pick up the phone. I used the best reverse phone lookup service available online to know who the caller was. The phone number is listed to a foreign sounding last name but the first name sounds familiar. I called the number back and it was my best friend from high school using her married name. I was so delighted speaking to her again and we might see one another this spring.

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