Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gifts from K-mart


It is only two days before Christmas but we are not done with our list yet. I still have work today and tomorrow so does my husband. We were discussing last night if how are we going to manage the buying of last minute gifts and preparation for Christmas dinner. I am so glad that our favorite K-mart store is open until late tonight so we can do our shopping after coming from work today. I went to their Website to check their huge collection of gifts under $25 and I have included the following gift items on my shopping list:

This Route 66 printed hoodie is my gift to my friend’s 8 year old daughter. She would definitely like this hoodie that can go with the jeans that her mom has bought her.

I am giving this just kidz deluxe doll set to my daughter. I still have her big stroller inside my car but my daughter would rather push it around than riding on it. With this little stroller and a doll, she can push it around while strolling at the park or even at the mall when we go shopping.
So if you are not done shopping, get your
last minute gifts from Kmart. They have lots of valuable gifts at the store and online that you can shop without breaking your budget.


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