Friday, December 12, 2008

Brightstorm for High Schoolers


I always believe that the best thing I could give to my child is education. Even if we do not have the much money before, my parents did their very best to send me to school that they can afford to finish my education. Now that I am a mother I want to instill to my kids the same principle that my parents have taught me. Education is the only thing that nobody can take away from you and it will be with you wherever you go.

I have a stepdaughter at home who is in high school. Sometimes she becomes lax with her studies which have somehow affected her grades. She will be in college soon so her father and I had a heart to heart talk with her and asked if she wants to sign up for a free tutorial classes at Brightstorm. We showed her the professionalism of the website. At
Brightstorm, each course is designed by a classroom teacher which will be in a form of video lessons. Each student can do the course at her own pace and order.

We are happy with the result. She has improved with her grades. It has given her educational effectiveness that every parent is happy to be achieved. If you want to experience what brightstorm can bring,
Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt to get an access to a free course.


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vicy Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello sis sorry for the late reply..I don't open/update my blog much lately..I don't feel like coz I am very sad and stress..Today is my birthday..My brother in the Philipines got sick and died exact date in Philippines. I't hurts me coz I can't see him for the last time..By the way sis..I just informed/emailed them to update my url..Then they made action within the week.

Jhoice Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love this program, very helpful and professional. I have check out the website, . the content is very professional., and the video is really nicely done

funny humor Sunday, December 14, 2008

great program!!Thx for sharing..

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