Tuesday, December 23, 2008

U-Cord for Christmas Gift


One of the cutest Christmas cards I got today is from my friend in San Francisco. She made a card with her picture on it and she is expecting!!! I am so happy for her. It took them almost five years to have a baby. They have been to several fertility clinics trying their chance to have a baby but it never happened. I believe that everything happens for a reason and at the right time.

After I got her called I called my husband right away telling him about the good news. He told me we should give my friend something to treasure being a first time mother soon. I told him about U Cord, the Cryo Cell’s stem cord blood preservation service. Through Cryo Cord Blood Bank, one is able to preserve their newborn’s umbilical cord stem cells that can easily be extracted without risk or pain to the mother or newborn baby. You will be receiving a
Cryo-Cell Collection Kit complete with all the instructions for you and your doctor. By preserving your child’s cord blood stem cells, you are preparing for what could happen in the future. It treats more than 70 diseases such as anemia, numerous types of malignancies, deficiencies of the immune system and a lot more. If you are also interested in gifting yourself or a loved one a gift of stem cell preservation, you can request more information at


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