Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Want a Younger Looking Skin


When we attended my husband’s tennis Christmas party last night, I saw my closest friend who is one of the wives in the group. Although we always call each other we seldom get the chance to set a date and have lunch or dinner. Both of us are always busy with work and family. It was my first time to see her after she has been using Dermalastyl on her face. She looks wonderful and I could see the difference on her skin. The lines underneath her eyes and the wrinkles on her face are not that visible anymore. Even the other ladies were commenting on how beautiful she was that evening.

Now I am convinced with how dermalastyl can improve the appearance of your skin. I want to start using it but I am not going to tell my friend about it. I want to surprise her next time we see each other again probably this coming spring time during her hubby’s birthday. I already ordered my two month supply for just $89 only. This will be my Christmas gift to myself. The amount that I have spent in buying over the counter anti-aging creams is more than what I have spent for my two month supply and a lot cheaper that botox or injections. Had I thought of this earlier, I could have saved a lot and at the same time with a younger looking skin now.


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Ylan Monday, December 08, 2008

hello there, got u tagged.. just visit this link :)

Ailecgee Monday, December 08, 2008

You're still young, you don't need that yet. . .that beauty cream.

I wish we could have some of those coldness you're experiencing this time of the year.

Enjoy winter time!

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