Friday, December 26, 2008

Make a Donation


Christmas is the time of celebration and being together with the family. We get ourselves busy by buying our presents to our loved and preparing our homes for parties. Some are very lucky to be with their families and loved one these holiday seasons but there are others who cannot be with their families for a very special reason. I am referring to families of our military heroes who cannot be with their husbands, wives, brothers or sisters. They are doing the unselfish sacrifices for all of us to bring peace and security to our country. As a way of thanking our military service members, veterans and their families, you can make a donation through Sears Heroes at Home Registry. Any amount that you can give can fulfill a wish of one of our military families whose family member cannot be with them this Christmas. This will be our way of giving thanks for the sacrifices they make. Your donations are not tax deductible which will be given as Sears gift cards to registered families. Topping on the wish list at are kids shoes, boys and girls pajamas, coats and dresses. They can all buy these through the Sears gift cards they will be getting. One best way of giving this Christmas is to be able to give love and fulfilling somebody’s little wish.


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