Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pregnant Man is Expecting Again


Remember the pregnant man who was a guest at Oprah? And got very famous? Well, he is pregnant again. Thomas Beatie, 34, who lives in Oregon, used to be a woman had a sex change 10 years ago but kept her female reproductive organs. Physically, he looked like a man or should I say, a woman in a man’s body. He got himself a wife for five years now and they were blessed with a baby girl born June last year. Nancy, the wife, cannot conceive so they decided Beatie to go through artificial insemination using a sperm from a donor and Beatie’s egg. Now they did it again and the second baby is due on June 12.

Beatie has an interview with Barbara Walters on “20/20” which will be aired on Nov. 14. They are also on British documentary that will be shown on Discovery Health Channel next week.


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MFT Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, this is just too bizarre....!

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