Sunday, November 2, 2008

My New Eyeglasses from Zenni


I am due again for my annual physical check up. Last year, my doctor asked me if I have ever been to an eye doctor for an eye check up and I said no. She referred me to one within our network. I never went because I know that I will be needing eyeglasses. I have been holding off to getting one because I have called several stores if how much are their eyeglasses, there is nothing lower than $100 dollars. Money is tight these days and to add another $100 dollars to the monthly expenditures is quite heavy.

A friend has suggested to me where
eyeglasses are only from $8. I immediately checked their website and I could not believe their prices. How can they have very cheap eyeglasses when other stores sell them for hundreds of dollars? Zenni Optical manufactures their own eyeglasses making big savings to customers because they sell directly to customers. The savings they make from no advertising cost, no middlemen and no retail overhead benefit their customers by selling cheap eyeglasses. Zenni eyeglasses are not only of good quality but also stylish and fashionable.

I have picked this style for me. I like it because you have several frame color choices. It is also light weight, medium narrow size and the frame is made of metal alloy with a memory titanium temples.

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