Thursday, November 27, 2008

Charter's Ultimate Bundle Service


We have been watching on TV about the deadline when we can use our analog TV’s. After February 2009, our analog TV’s will not be able to get any signal unless you have a digital converter, a digital TV or a cable service. We already bought our own digital TV last month. My friend who came for a visit was so envious when she saw the TV and she ended buying one too. She still have her five years old analog TV which she brought along when she moved from California two years ago.

Now that my friend has her digital TV I have suggested to her about Charter services. Since today is Thanksgiving day she can do the cooking but tomorrow she has to order Charter’s ultimate Bundle to avail of their
black friday deals.


Charter Communication is the leading provider of high-speed internet, digital home and telephone services. You have the choice whether you just like their individual service or get Charter’s ultimate service bundle for $165.97 which includes the following:

• digital home
• HD
• On demand
• Digital view
• Sports View
• Cinemax
• Showtime
• The Movie Channel
• Starz
• Encore
• 10 mbps high-speed internet
• unlimited calling

Other than having the best price on their bundle services, Charter will also give you a gift card worth $250 with your online purchase and you automatically get the chance to win an X-Box 360 game console. They are giving away 45 X-Box gaming systems to 45 lucky customers.

Enjoy your turkey today but do not forget to sign up tomorrow Black Friday and on Cyber Monday for Charter’s bundle services to avail of their amazing online holiday deal and a chance to win an X-Box 360.


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