Sunday, November 9, 2008

Craftsman Lover


When I migrated in the U.S., the first thing I have observed is that there are a lot of do it yourself stuffs here. It seems that every one is being taught to be independent that even houses are DIY’s too. This is the reason why it really helps to have a handyman around the house to assemble cabinets, closets, tables, do repairs and a lot more. Some of these cabinets or closets come with their own tools and instructions needed in putting them together but some do not.

In our house, we never experienced hiring somebody to fix anything that is broken. My husband fixes it himself. The other day I bought a new computer table for my daughter’s bedroom. It took three hours to assemble it because my husband’s drill was not properly working. He was just using the manual screw driver which made the job so difficult.

When we went to the mall today, I stopped by sears store to look for
Craftsman C3 Tools on Sale that is within my budget. I am thinking of giving this to my husband as a Christmas gift to replace his old drill. I found this Craftsman C3 Compact Lithium ½ in. reversible drill/driver on sale with 2 speeds and rechargeable battery. The best feature that I like of this drill/driver is being reversible. I am sure my husband will love this. He is a craftsman lover and his tools are mostly from Craftsman.
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