Sunday, August 31, 2008

Report that Annoying Callers


How many of you get pissed off by these telemarketers who keeps on calling your house and cell phones? We always thought that there is nothing we can do about these telemarketers or people who have nothing to do except to give you harassing phone calls. I have found a new website who has a database of these phone numbers used by telemarketers or annoying callers. Go to, look up the phone numbers these people use to call you. It may be on the list of one of the most annoying callers and you can read what people have said about this phone number. You can leave you own report, experience and how you are being harassed by this caller to be shared to other victims. This is really cool because you are getting first hand information from people who have been victimized by these callers based on their own experiences. So, next time if you get an annoying phone call again, get that phone number and check right away.

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